1755147Time is Running out. As I sit down and set up for another day, as an independent consultant, , I realise time is in overdrive. And everything that came with it is being rinsed out of it.

The ideals and our lifestyle is as I dreadfully admit have become ‘retro’.Only now we call it ‘#throwback’.

Even our aspirations are obsolete.I always wanted to become what I am. But its no longer a cool thing to be.As an independent professional, People generally tend not to  take you seriously since you do not have a ‘guaranteed’ pay-package to take home every month AND since you are not a institution, you are not ‘guaranteed’ a pay-package easily, in-spite of the work you do. Or maybe I am just not the hard ass entrepreneur type.What ever it is we are ‘indie’. Like the lifestyle we grew up wanting. Like the music we grew up listening to.Only back then we called it ‘Grunge’.

As a kid of the 90’s and teen of the Millenium it was the toughest generation.The fate of the world depended on us.Because no generation made the switch like we did.Adapt like we did.Learn new things like we did.

And we did a bloody awesome job of it.

To change over from regular phones to cordless to using pagers and eventually cellphones. It was too quick a transposition to even realise we’ve taken such a leap.As a kid I would imagine of two things related to phones. One was caller ID. To know which number is calling you was, in my imagination as a kid, an innovation excellence to become reality.And to have a phone I can take anywhere and speak from was the next level sorcery.Funnily I hadn’t imagined video calling as much as the former two and being a Star Trek fan, it was very easy to imagine it, but to see it in reality, was extraordinary. The funny part is it took less of an awe and more of a blunt transposition to get used to.

To a large extend I’ve heard the best music in my life on a cassette tape.

From early Chemcial Brothers albums to the haunting intro of ‘Come as you are…’ I remember once an auto guy asked to keep a tape I had given him to play during our ride.It was the  ‘Fat of the Land’ album. For things like this you always had to have two sets of tapes. One for yourself and the other to play in a music system or an auto which was overused and would lower the quality of your fav cassette. It was a cool thing to do back then. Give your music to the auto guy instead of listening to “Kumar Sanu hits,now with Jhankaar Beats” and feel cool when someone would recognize the riffs to ‘Enter Sandman’ in the next auto. It would be even cooler if you got the metal up sign and a head bang and that shit did happen more often then you know.

Now my music in public, is a personal threesome between my ears,the ipod and the headphones.

Needless to say, the move to cds and then to mp3s was a phenomenal improvement.

And then came the Internet. Man that changed things so much. We had an alternative life where we could be ourselves and more.I think the internet also gave people a sense of urgency. I cant quiet put my finger on how. But after a few years of the internet everyone was in a rush to do whatever they did faster. It could be the fact that all that information was going around and was being put to use quicker.

For instance, I could learn how to make a presentation than to have to depend on someone to teach me.It cut me the process to search for someone first who knew how to make the presentation. So now I could make that damn presentation myself. Which meant I had a new skill,which meant I needed to go out and show the world this skill and make something out of it.

Our letters and notes and cards gave way to emails and sms and e greetings. . I don’t know any kid these days who is limited to use ONLY a pen and a paper to write stuff.Even our crimes were altering to this virtual frenzy in the form of online identity thefts, credit card scams and online stalking/bullying. And we,were on the brink of all of this change…and currently are in the pinnacle of this tipping point of technology.

Well,I don’t want to sound like a social luddite. I think lot of awesome things have happened to me because of the internet.. I met some of the best people I know because of it.I have stayed in touch and reconnected with people I love because of it.I infact It helped me come out of my shell and become more of a raconteur. Heck..I am digital engagements promoter and depended on the internet for a living.I love the internet. I love the fact that I have information to whatever I need to have a second away. I love how I am connected. How I have a socially acceptable name for my self obsession. Selfie.

But I also love the 90’s.

The fun and games and jams. The attitude, the lifestyle  and also fashion. The fact that everyone listened to alt rock. Everyone. Going to a gig was as common as going to a coffee shop now. Guns and Roses/Metallica/Nirvana/Pearl Jam were bigger than Deadmaus/5 and David Guetta.

Rock Machine was every Indian rocker’s pride. They got Indian rock on TV man.

In 2012 I ran into Udai Benegal at NH7 and I felt like a star struck kid to finally see him for real.

My first ever gig was the independence rock where then famous MTV VJ Danny Mcgill and his band covered Pearl Jam’s ‘Alive’ and threw his shirt into the crowd and there was a mild stamped to retrieve it. That shirt was ripped into pieces and I know of someone who held onto a rip for years,  as if it was  Eddie Vedder ‘s shirt . My older brother still has a Mahesh Tinaikar autograph.

The thing is we all have to move on from the past and I get it. But we as a generation,moved way to fast and now when we look back….Time is running out.


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