that escalated quickly

It was the perfect Sunday afternoon. The light breeze prodding our face and the sound of nature around us was abetting us into slumber.

Our smiles transcended into soft laughter as we lay under the shade of this magnificent tree watching the wind form ocean waves out of green fields.

Above us the sky is a painting of streaks of blue with cotton-ball glued randomly.

Staring into the distant horizon,we watch the clouds  slow turning from white to a tinge of yellow to bright orange…we gaze bewildered,for its still too early for sunset.

And then a flash of light so bright..the sheer glint disorients us….within seconds all that we see before is a wall of fire rushing towards us. No time to pack,we seem to telepathically tell each other..and we rush to our car with the world falling apart around us quiet literally.

As we start the car…the only thing on our minds is the unfinished food that we leave behind for we know what we leave behind now,even if it out of sheer survival instinct ,is going to be a necessity moving ahead. We both know we cant make it,but we have been as humans conditioned to try to survive.

Hope is always a good thing.

With debris falling around our car the distance between the wall of fire and us is shrinking with every second,I say a prayer and hold your hand and floor the pedal. The wall now following us with a vengeance. We are beginning to pick up pace but we know its going to be more than luck that will get us away from the inferno.

We are almost crushed by debris that we cant quiet make is what.Just a lot of dust and debris.Falling inches away from the car. We feel the heat coming closer and its strong. Almost like being chased by the sun. The heat is unbearable and a stronger motivator to get away from it.

In the distance ahead,I see a silhouette of a small aeroplane and wonder if that is where the blast came from.

As he watches from above, the tiny car being engulfed by the great fireball,a silent prayer escapes his lips , while he stares at the picture of his beautiful wife and child,taped amongst the electronic console.

He cant wait to spend the Sunday with them at the farm and have a little picnic out in the Fields.


About tabeeroh

Am a million different people,one day from the other and I cant change my mode....
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