Friday Sermon

So I got nominated for the…no not that… the book tag thing, where you list 10 books that influenced your life. The friend who tagged me had listed the Holy Quran as the first book . And it got me to think to myself, well it surely deserves its place there. Infact I would say no other required…but then that makes me a religious fanatic in today’s world. But see am hardly the man who fits into that space. The people who know me and have known me will know what I am talking about..for a few of them this piece of writing may even be a surprise and shock and a few will end up evaluate their friendship with me. (“Dude, Tabeer is becoming religious and stuff man..I think this whole independent professional thing is making him loose it” )
But coming back to the topic.

Quran is not a ‘Holy Book’ .Not merely.

It is but a practical guide on how to live your life and  seek balance and peace and be one with the universe.
So what..its a self help book?
A little beyond that.

When you think of it this is a book that is Science.
This is a book that is Philosophy.
This is a book that is History. Psychology. Business Management.Political Science. Geology. Physiology. Botany. Anatomy. Sociology.  Physics. Even Philanthropy. 
It actually breaks down on how life comes about and uses a ‘scientific approach'(I kid you not ) to explain so.
It talks about disintegration of social stuctures and financial barriers.
It talks about water conservation and deforestation.

It talks about us as a whole. Not theirs vs ours.

It is not a book that is supposed to be held only by the angry looking bearded ‘islamic scholar’ who feels it’s his right to force feed Islam to and berate the ones who dont look like him or act like him and then feed off their guilt to follow their school of interpretation . It is not exclusive for someone to teach the quran and to learn it. And I am not even talking about the extremist militants here.

It doesn’t belong to one person or group of people. But very few realise this or know of this.

With the over all image of Islam being one of extremism and backward its hard to decipher the Quran is the most progressive life guides way ahead of its time.
If people really understood the reality behind it…it would be accepted for what it is.

ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION. It is a way of life.


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One Response to Friday Sermon

  1. laila says:

    Very well said!

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