Too late to Apologise

To all the women out there.This is not topical. Well it is now,but I’ve been trying to say this for a very long time.


I don’t know what to say. I could think of nothing but apologise.On behalf of all those pricks and pieces of shit,who have ever made you uncomfortable ,made lewd comments and gestures,catcalled,whistled,winked,stalked, touched inappropriately,groped and even flashed. I know so many of you who’ve face/faced this often and every time I hear it ,I cringe,I am appalled,I am ashamed.

Places have not mattered. I’ve heard it happen in night clubs and I’ve heard it happen even in holy places.

What you wear has not mattered. I’ve heard it happen to you when you wear a dress/a pair of jeans/a mini skirt and I’ve heard it happen to you in a Hijab.

To all the women out there who have been through the worse than the mentioned above, I cant fathom the pain,the hurt,the anger,the trauma.

But I don’t think banning something totally unrelated because it is the place of the crime will cure anything. Just because the conditions were made conducive by the business that the crime occurred in does not mean the place it at fault.

Why dint you ban the roads where these things happen often. The hotels where they take place. The bus stops and the railway stations and train bogeys. Ban private cars where these things happen and ban the farm houses and pent house apartments where they do.

If you DO NEED to ban anything,then ban the patriarchal attitude and rigid customs. Ban people not taking any action when they see a woman being wronged.Ban the fact that men can get away with doing whatever they want because ‘boys will be boys’.

Yes,we will be boys,but it shouldn’t allow us to be beasts.


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Am a million different people,one day from the other and I cant change my mode....
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