Too late to Apologise

To all the women out there.This is not topical. Well it is now,but I’ve been trying to say this for a very long time.


I don’t know what to say. I could think of nothing but apologise.On behalf of all those pricks and pieces of shit,who have ever made you uncomfortable ,made lewd comments and gestures,catcalled,whistled,winked,stalked, touched inappropriately,groped and even flashed. I know so many of you who’ve face/faced this often and every time I hear it ,I cringe,I am appalled,I am ashamed.

Places have not mattered. I’ve heard it happen in night clubs and I’ve heard it happen even in holy places.

What you wear has not mattered. I’ve heard it happen to you when you wear a dress/a pair of jeans/a mini skirt and I’ve heard it happen to you in a Hijab.

To all the women out there who have been through the worse than the mentioned above, I cant fathom the pain,the hurt,the anger,the trauma.

But I don’t think banning something totally unrelated because it is the place of the crime will cure anything. Just because the conditions were made conducive by the business that the crime occurred in does not mean the place it at fault.

Why dint you ban the roads where these things happen often. The hotels where they take place. The bus stops and the railway stations and train bogeys. Ban private cars where these things happen and ban the farm houses and pent house apartments where they do.

If you DO NEED to ban anything,then ban the patriarchal attitude and rigid customs. Ban people not taking any action when they see a woman being wronged.Ban the fact that men can get away with doing whatever they want because ‘boys will be boys’.

Yes,we will be boys,but it shouldn’t allow us to be beasts.

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Twisted Lenses

My nieces love watching ‘Tarak Mehta Ka ooltah Chashma’. More often than not I end up watching it with them.To say the least I am appalled at the offensive nature of stereotyping they do against specific groups of people, targeting their physical, cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
To begin with there is a character called ‘Dr Hathi’. Yes,THAT is his character’s real name. Dr Hansraj Hathi,if I am not mistaken. Of Course, He is overweight. So is his family.
Like its not like something they call him behind his back or in anger not that it would be any less offensive but well in real anger we can become unabashed and prejudicial and make no sense … but when you decide to name a character in a play/show by the size of their body it actually shows how disgustedly parochial your mind is. Oh and the clincher…every time he comes on screen there is a trumpet sample played. Disgusting.

Then there is a South Indian character with a heavy dark makeup and as some sort of a in your face(pun intended) racist joke,he has a contrasting ‘fair’ skinned wife with fake blonde hair. The sound sample when HE speaks is a pinched out ‘ aiyaiyo’. Are you serious. The only sound sample I hear constantly when MY South Indian Tam Bhram friends speak is “Dude,I need a beer”.

Oh,There is a Loud Punjabi Sardar who comes with his own  ‘burrah’ sound sample whenever he speaks.He has a parsi wife who doesn’t get much to say because well this guy is Punjabi and a Sardar so he is supposed to overpower everything when he speaks. And I am sure there is nothing quiet like telling me I am speaking to a Sardar, unless I hear Bhangra Drums play in the background and see him make bhangra gestured at a drop of a hat. ‘Burrrrrrrrrrah’.

The show also promotes unhealthy patriarchy. The intentionally stupid portrayal of this character called  ‘daya bhabi’ who speaks as if she is on a botox overdose, gets shouted at and dominated by her spouse constantly…who in turn is always shouted at by his father is a strong evidence of this. The ‘son’ in the family gets away with shit most of the times. He has a bunch of anarchist friends called the ‘Tappu Sena’. Ok am overreacting. Wait maybe not.

It is also unnerving to say that the show inspite of representing and promoting ‘unity in diversity’,does not have a single Muslim character. And the only time I saw Muslims on that show,was when portrayed as Pakistanis or maybe its just that I am wearing my ‘Chashma Ulta’.

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Friday Sermon

So I got nominated for the…no not that… the book tag thing, where you list 10 books that influenced your life. The friend who tagged me had listed the Holy Quran as the first book . And it got me to think to myself, well it surely deserves its place there. Infact I would say no other required…but then that makes me a religious fanatic in today’s world. But see am hardly the man who fits into that space. The people who know me and have known me will know what I am talking about..for a few of them this piece of writing may even be a surprise and shock and a few will end up evaluate their friendship with me. (“Dude, Tabeer is becoming religious and stuff man..I think this whole independent professional thing is making him loose it” )
But coming back to the topic.

Quran is not a ‘Holy Book’ .Not merely.

It is but a practical guide on how to live your life and  seek balance and peace and be one with the universe.
So what..its a self help book?
A little beyond that.

When you think of it this is a book that is Science.
This is a book that is Philosophy.
This is a book that is History. Psychology. Business Management.Political Science. Geology. Physiology. Botany. Anatomy. Sociology.  Physics. Even Philanthropy. 
It actually breaks down on how life comes about and uses a ‘scientific approach'(I kid you not ) to explain so.
It talks about disintegration of social stuctures and financial barriers.
It talks about water conservation and deforestation.

It talks about us as a whole. Not theirs vs ours.

It is not a book that is supposed to be held only by the angry looking bearded ‘islamic scholar’ who feels it’s his right to force feed Islam to and berate the ones who dont look like him or act like him and then feed off their guilt to follow their school of interpretation . It is not exclusive for someone to teach the quran and to learn it. And I am not even talking about the extremist militants here.

It doesn’t belong to one person or group of people. But very few realise this or know of this.

With the over all image of Islam being one of extremism and backward its hard to decipher the Quran is the most progressive life guides way ahead of its time.
If people really understood the reality behind it…it would be accepted for what it is.

ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION. It is a way of life.

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that escalated quickly

It was the perfect Sunday afternoon. The light breeze prodding our face and the sound of nature around us was abetting us into slumber.

Our smiles transcended into soft laughter as we lay under the shade of this magnificent tree watching the wind form ocean waves out of green fields.

Above us the sky is a painting of streaks of blue with cotton-ball glued randomly.

Staring into the distant horizon,we watch the clouds  slow turning from white to a tinge of yellow to bright orange…we gaze bewildered,for its still too early for sunset.

And then a flash of light so bright..the sheer glint disorients us….within seconds all that we see before is a wall of fire rushing towards us. No time to pack,we seem to telepathically tell each other..and we rush to our car with the world falling apart around us quiet literally.

As we start the car…the only thing on our minds is the unfinished food that we leave behind for we know what we leave behind now,even if it out of sheer survival instinct ,is going to be a necessity moving ahead. We both know we cant make it,but we have been as humans conditioned to try to survive.

Hope is always a good thing.

With debris falling around our car the distance between the wall of fire and us is shrinking with every second,I say a prayer and hold your hand and floor the pedal. The wall now following us with a vengeance. We are beginning to pick up pace but we know its going to be more than luck that will get us away from the inferno.

We are almost crushed by debris that we cant quiet make is what.Just a lot of dust and debris.Falling inches away from the car. We feel the heat coming closer and its strong. Almost like being chased by the sun. The heat is unbearable and a stronger motivator to get away from it.

In the distance ahead,I see a silhouette of a small aeroplane and wonder if that is where the blast came from.

As he watches from above, the tiny car being engulfed by the great fireball,a silent prayer escapes his lips , while he stares at the picture of his beautiful wife and child,taped amongst the electronic console.

He cant wait to spend the Sunday with them at the farm and have a little picnic out in the Fields.

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1755147Time is Running out. As I sit down and set up for another day, as an independent consultant, , I realise time is in overdrive. And everything that came with it is being rinsed out of it.

The ideals and our lifestyle is as I dreadfully admit have become ‘retro’.Only now we call it ‘#throwback’.

Even our aspirations are obsolete.I always wanted to become what I am. But its no longer a cool thing to be.As an independent professional, People generally tend not to  take you seriously since you do not have a ‘guaranteed’ pay-package to take home every month AND since you are not a institution, you are not ‘guaranteed’ a pay-package easily, in-spite of the work you do. Or maybe I am just not the hard ass entrepreneur type.What ever it is we are ‘indie’. Like the lifestyle we grew up wanting. Like the music we grew up listening to.Only back then we called it ‘Grunge’.

As a kid of the 90’s and teen of the Millenium it was the toughest generation.The fate of the world depended on us.Because no generation made the switch like we did.Adapt like we did.Learn new things like we did.

And we did a bloody awesome job of it.

To change over from regular phones to cordless to using pagers and eventually cellphones. It was too quick a transposition to even realise we’ve taken such a leap.As a kid I would imagine of two things related to phones. One was caller ID. To know which number is calling you was, in my imagination as a kid, an innovation excellence to become reality.And to have a phone I can take anywhere and speak from was the next level sorcery.Funnily I hadn’t imagined video calling as much as the former two and being a Star Trek fan, it was very easy to imagine it, but to see it in reality, was extraordinary. The funny part is it took less of an awe and more of a blunt transposition to get used to.

To a large extend I’ve heard the best music in my life on a cassette tape.

From early Chemcial Brothers albums to the haunting intro of ‘Come as you are…’ I remember once an auto guy asked to keep a tape I had given him to play during our ride.It was the  ‘Fat of the Land’ album. For things like this you always had to have two sets of tapes. One for yourself and the other to play in a music system or an auto which was overused and would lower the quality of your fav cassette. It was a cool thing to do back then. Give your music to the auto guy instead of listening to “Kumar Sanu hits,now with Jhankaar Beats” and feel cool when someone would recognize the riffs to ‘Enter Sandman’ in the next auto. It would be even cooler if you got the metal up sign and a head bang and that shit did happen more often then you know.

Now my music in public, is a personal threesome between my ears,the ipod and the headphones.

Needless to say, the move to cds and then to mp3s was a phenomenal improvement.

And then came the Internet. Man that changed things so much. We had an alternative life where we could be ourselves and more.I think the internet also gave people a sense of urgency. I cant quiet put my finger on how. But after a few years of the internet everyone was in a rush to do whatever they did faster. It could be the fact that all that information was going around and was being put to use quicker.

For instance, I could learn how to make a presentation than to have to depend on someone to teach me.It cut me the process to search for someone first who knew how to make the presentation. So now I could make that damn presentation myself. Which meant I had a new skill,which meant I needed to go out and show the world this skill and make something out of it.

Our letters and notes and cards gave way to emails and sms and e greetings. . I don’t know any kid these days who is limited to use ONLY a pen and a paper to write stuff.Even our crimes were altering to this virtual frenzy in the form of online identity thefts, credit card scams and online stalking/bullying. And we,were on the brink of all of this change…and currently are in the pinnacle of this tipping point of technology.

Well,I don’t want to sound like a social luddite. I think lot of awesome things have happened to me because of the internet.. I met some of the best people I know because of it.I have stayed in touch and reconnected with people I love because of it.I infact It helped me come out of my shell and become more of a raconteur. Heck..I am digital engagements promoter and depended on the internet for a living.I love the internet. I love the fact that I have information to whatever I need to have a second away. I love how I am connected. How I have a socially acceptable name for my self obsession. Selfie.

But I also love the 90’s.

The fun and games and jams. The attitude, the lifestyle  and also fashion. The fact that everyone listened to alt rock. Everyone. Going to a gig was as common as going to a coffee shop now. Guns and Roses/Metallica/Nirvana/Pearl Jam were bigger than Deadmaus/5 and David Guetta.

Rock Machine was every Indian rocker’s pride. They got Indian rock on TV man.

In 2012 I ran into Udai Benegal at NH7 and I felt like a star struck kid to finally see him for real.

My first ever gig was the independence rock where then famous MTV VJ Danny Mcgill and his band covered Pearl Jam’s ‘Alive’ and threw his shirt into the crowd and there was a mild stamped to retrieve it. That shirt was ripped into pieces and I know of someone who held onto a rip for years,  as if it was  Eddie Vedder ‘s shirt . My older brother still has a Mahesh Tinaikar autograph.

The thing is we all have to move on from the past and I get it. But we as a generation,moved way to fast and now when we look back….Time is running out.

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On the market…

So I am back on the market.

After freelancing for a while ,I have decided to give into the fact that I need a master.

So anyone looking to tame the shit out of me…here is my ‘reuseme’..see what I did there!!!

For the work I have done : Projects

For a summary of my career : PROFILE


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